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The Challenge: Highlight the launch of the first Energy Granola created and inspired by CLIF BAR: Showcase key product attributes, delicious flavor and usage occasion and add an authentic layer of cool to the CLIF Energy Granola launch, positioning the brand on the cutting edge of the wellness trend.


The Approach: Partnered with The Infatuation, the ultimate restaurant and foodie expert, to throw a NYC rooftop morning party and get people together to start the work day relaxed and recharged. The day started with a morning meditation session and “sound bath,” from partner The Big Quiet – the New York ‘it’ brand in the meditation space. The session will be followed by an awesome Instagrammable-breakfast bar to showcase the versatility of CLIF Energy Granola. The event included custom 

byCHLOE apple coffee cake topped with cinnamon almond granola, Bluestone Lane coffee creations, Chillhouse express massages and manicures and an amazing live flower wall, perfect for photo opportunities.

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