The search for #thenextmrclean

The Challenge: Develop a big and popular idea to solidify Mr. Clean’s cultural icon status, infusing him into the pop culture conversation, effectively capturing the hearts, minds and attention of millennials. 

The Approach: Celebrated the man who helps tackle the most seemingly impossible messes with the launch of an online casting call. After nearly 60 years of being tough on dirt all around the house, Mr. Clean is looking for a replacement while he takes a much-deserved vacation… The Search was on for #TheNextMrClean. #TheNextMrClean search was officially announced with the debut of actor Kellan Lutz’s full audition video at a live casting call in New York doubling as a media event to drive program awareness and entries to Within 24 hours of #TheNextMrClean launch, a barrage of coverage went live from the Huffington Post, Jimmy Fallon in his opening monologue and so much more. After three months of reviewing hundreds of audition tapes, Georgia native Mike Jackson was selected as #TheNextMrClean. 

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